Thursday, December 24, 2009


I like semester holiday! It is the time for me to hang out with some of IKEMEN guys~ Kyaa~~ (DETTA! girl fan mode) During this holiday, I didn't know what I want to do... So bored.. Then, I'm downloading and downloading and watching... This is when I'm showing my true self, being greedy..wahahaha... (^^) I want to download and do many things in this holiday... So many... Sugoi ne~ lappy is sick and need to reformat! Wargh!! (T.T) My lappy is my best centre to download things... Well...I need to slow down a bit.

During this holiday...what I'm doing?

++Reading 'Kimi ni Todoke' manga

++Downloading 'Kimi ni Todoke' anime

++Dowloading 'Kobato' anime

++Downloading 'Cartoon KAT-TUN' (featuring KAT-TUN)

++Downloading 'Soukon' (featuring TegoMassu & KoyaShige of NEWS)

++Downloading 'Himitsu no Arashi-chan' (featuring Arashi)

++Downloading 'VS ARASHI' (featuring Arashi)

++Downloading 'NEWS DVD Winter Party Diamond Concert' (featuring NEWS)

++Downloading and watch 'My Girl' J-Dorama (featuring Aiba Masaki of Arashi)

++Downloading 'KAT-TUN DVD Break the Records Concert' (featuring KAT-TUN)

++Reading Yamapi nikki

Wow! I am greedy...greedy...trully greedy.. I think it is not wrong right? Hehehe..
Basically my holiday is all about NEWS, ARASHI and KAT-TUN! Daichuki! V(^^)V

P/S: Thank you so much to all of the fansubbers...for subbing and sharing all the great videos and let the fans to download and watch their 'love ones' happily! Especially newshfan thank you for subbing the NEWS DVD Winter Party Diamond concert. Hontouni Arigato Gozaimasu! You made all the fan around the world very happy! V(^^)V

Currently using this picture as a wallpaper on my handphone (akatsuki-chan). Love this pic with the six of them together!

Just want to share with all the fan out there. 'Code Blue' season 2 is coming out on January! Can't wait! After the first season of 'Code Blue' which I can say that is really SUGOI!! plus 'Buzzer Beat' that is also really SUGOI! It is Yamapi again with the second season of 'Code Blue'! I'm trully support 'Doctor-Heli'! DAISUKI! v(^^)v


  1. Waiiii!!!!
    Tanoshi so da naaa!!!!!
    NEWS wo labu labu!!!!!!
    MASSU wa DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ko sgt update ngan cite NEWS.
    ku msh x brpeluang mngupdate diri.
    Mmber aku yamapi kipas-susa-mati msti ske dgr cite code blue season2!


  2. kyaa!!!!
    NEWS wa DAISUKI!!!!!

    Anis time cuti je blh update kan diri..
    yup2..we are NEWS fan n we share wif each other..
    lepas cuti nnti jgn segan silu pinjam external disk aku

    NEWS DAISUKI!!! (^^)